Friday, May 7, 2010

Cheerleader Part 2

I am so blessed to have two little cheerleaders who forgive me daily for my flaws. My two daughters are ages four and five and since I am homeschooling them, the three of us spend many, many hours together. You can read about my most longstanding cheerleader in Cheerleader Part 1.
I have learned a few things in the last five years as "Mommy." I once heard the saying, "Children 'pick-up' more than they are taught." The two year-old is learning how to navigate the world. The playground or play group is a small world where the child can practice interacting with others. I remember going into the store with my Princess a few years ago when she was two. A little girl had brought a really cute child-size shopping cart from home. I know it looked very fun to push behind her Mommy's shopping cart and Princess immediately wanted to push one too. Of course, that store didn't sell any that we could just use. I was thankful for the opportunity to teach my two-year-old that life isn't always candy-coated. Someone will always have something we don't. As an adult, it may be a nicer home or car or clothing. As a child it is the toy or the piece of gum. These little interactions can have a huge influence on a child. I am humbled at the fact that I am a major influence on these little lives. Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. If my actions don't agree with my words, the child will learn my errors and shortcomings.

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