Friday, July 11, 2008


My sweet Princess was so excited to show me the picture she drew... of me!
So, what do all of you think of my new look? Whiskers and all! Just as I headed to the mirror to check for unsightly facial hair, the Princess told me the story about her picture. "Mommy, it's you dressed up in a lion costume!" Now that is much easier to live with than real whiskers.

I am so glad I could capture this moment in a photo since the chalk drawing won't last forever. I love being a Mommy even in the midst of difficult moments, there is always the next hug to come.

This reminds me of a recent thrift store visit with the girls. Of course they were fighting "like sisters" in the van as we arrived, but in the checkout line they were hugging "like sisters". "So sweet" was the comment by a lady behind me. I simply said that as long as a hug or two comes between the fights and teasing, we will be okay!

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Nicol said...

Lol! It really is sweet. I understand about the facial hair.