Friday, July 18, 2008

I've Mistreated My Windows!

The Nester says it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. So, here are my unironed, inexpensive bedroom window mistreatments! We decided to not have blinds for now, so I set out on a journey of meeting an immediate need. Cover those windows as inexpensively as possible. I was shocked by the prices of curtain rods...even at discount places. So, as I wandered through the garden area of the discount store, I found these six foot bamboo poles for $5. For the mathematically challenged, that is less than a dollar each! They were meant to hold up a young tree, but I think they are doing pretty great holding up my drapes. Now, I must confess my decorating ignorance. I had heard of curtain rings once or twice on television decorating shows, but had not considered that "real people" may use them! Well, if the Nester can do it, so can I. The rod is held up by plater hooks which are like extra large cup hooks. I finally bought the curtain rings when I found them on clearance for $3.50 for a pack of 7. I had not expected them to originally cost $8.99. I am definitely gonna watch for these secondhand.
Now that the neighbors don't get a free show from our bedroom, I can mistreat some kitchen windows! I decided to try the Nester's upholstery tack idea. In this case, I was thrilled with the price for the tacks. The "curtain" is a table runner from Old Time Pottery.
And now I am asking for help. I asked for my husband's help in hanging these metal, ummm, things (I'm not sure what to call them - rods?). So, I did not communicate that I wanted space between them for a somewhat large framed picture. He isn't very happy about moving them for me. Should I just try to move them myself? I may just wait and move them when I decorate for fall so that I will be changing the plates and all.

Lastly, a bit of cuteness. Keep it clover!


Nicol said...

Great idea using a table runner for a vallance. I would have never have considered that! And I love the metal thingys over your fireplace!

Jodi said...

Hi - thanks so much for stopping by my blog! It's always so exciting to run into local people in the great-big-blog world! We actually live in Travelers Rest and have started attending NewSpring's Gville campus which is a much closer drive for us, hallelujah! I just love seeing all that God is doing to reach the Upstate for Christ through so many different, great churches! Thanks again for your visit and have a great week!