Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Settlin' In

These pictures are from the real estate site where I first decided to visit this home during my stressful-at-times home search. I wasn't sure about the wood burning insert in the kitchen fireplace, but now I love it. It just feels so country!

Well, here are my little ones, although this is an older picture. Basically, Princess, now almost four, looks the same, but older and Puddle Duck, age two, looks just like this picture of Princess. So funny. I am an only child so I never realized how sibling can look alike, but act so different and any mixture thereof.

My own home. As I write this blog, I am enjoying my first entire day in our new home. Yesterday we decided to have about four families come over to christen our abode. Was I insane when I agreed to invite what totalled (spelling?) almost thirty people into our home on our third day of settling in? Well, we enjoyed our hotdogs, corn on the cob (courtesy of my good friend Christa), potato chips, and brownies, oh, and I almost forgot the watermelon (also from Christa!). No major catastrophes, but I did find out that our sand pile has evidence of kitty visits. Ewww yuck! Yep, we are official country folk. I am luvin' it! Grandpa Jim even helped me start a compost pile yesterday. I am such a city girl, yet the country life seems so romantic. I have even been checking out farmer-type blogs and sites about raising goats and chickens. I think Iwill just start with some tomatoes and sweet peppers for now! Hope they actually grow. I definitely do not have a green thumb.
So, I tried to use the word "well" a few less times in this blog. I am already improving!
I have continued to learn from fellow bloggers Like Merchant Ships and Homeschool Hacks.
Thanks to all!
Keep it Clover!


That lady with 6 daughters said...

Thanks so much for the backlink to homeschool hacks, contributing there has been so much fun. I love your house- the fireplace in the kitchen is so cozy- you mustbe so excited, I can't wait to see how it all works out, what a blessing.

Elise said...

What a cute home!! I found you by way of The Nester. Can't wait to see how you cozy up your nest!

Katie said...

Hi! I drifted over from Homeschool Hacks. Your house looks perfect! And I love the fireplace in the kitchen. Your daughters are adorable...look at that pretty hair!!

The Nester said...

I am totally in love with your house! It's so cozy and rustic and looks like a wonderful place to raise your sweet children!

Pen of Jen said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my Lots for Less blog.

We just moved to our farmhouse in December, feel free to check out our farmblog to *see* how we have done things. We are going on a life of simplicity and low cost.
(I have been on a month break to finish some projects, but I have several posts about the chickens and goats, and building the coops and pens.)

have a great time in the country...I home school too by the way!