Sunday, May 25, 2008

Now Presenting Clover Cottage: My First Blog

Well, life is a bit hectic, but I am taking this Sunday afternoon to try out this blogging business. I know, I'm a bit behind the times. Over the past week I realized how informative and helpful blogs can be. I have learned decorating and gardening ideas and just plain been encouraged by several bloggers who I may never meet, yet I feel that I know them already.

My life currently consists of parenting, potty training our two-year-old, settling into our first home, being wife and homemaker, and learning to garden and decorate.

Well, every day is interesting in the world of parenting. I know there are many methods of potty training, but we are just taking it as it comes for now. I think this time around is much easier than with our first daughter, The Princess, who is now almost four years old. Yep, The Puddle Duck just turned two last month and is already in full potty training mode. Of course, we have tons of accidents such as yesterday's wet chair incident, but looking at the positive side,she has kept her diaper dry through naps and even through the night last night. Her body is ready, but consistency is key. So, I am thankful to have my assistant, Joy, who loves to boss her younger sister around, and is taking full advantage of her own potty knowledge to show her own superiority. It is a rather comical time.

Well, before beginning this post I was able to put the shelves back into our refrigerator. Ever tried just opening the fridge and piling groceries in the bottom? Chaos! So, during our two days of transition to the new house (our own home we are buying, yeah!) we had a rather crazy time with meal prep. All is well now and... I think I need to go grocery shopping. Spreading the food out on shelves makes the refrigerator look very empty!

Thanks so much to Nester at Nesting Place and June among others whose blogs inspired me to begin my own.

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byebyepie said...

Wow! If I inspired you, does this mean we will be reading the phrase "ding-dang" a lot here?

I like clovers, too. Good luck on your new endeavor, and thanks!