Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Family and Goals

Just showing off a few of my favorite family snapshots! Princess has a pretty funny personality. She is a real sweetheart who loves to snuggle.
Today, however, her mischievous side came out when I was attempting to hang some curtains in our bedroom (more of that adventure in a future post!) and both girls ended up out in the car. So, off we went to do some errands and then to church when I realize neither of my lovely, sweet, wonderful daugters is wearing shoes! Thankfully I had packed an emergency bag with some decent clothes and some shoes for Princess earlier in the day. They had spent the night at Grandma's and I never know what they will come home wearing! So, at least I only ended up carrying the smaller of the two girls across the gravel parking area at our church.

Oh, another thing I have learned is that it is easier to put the pictures on here first then add the text. Well, I'm gettin' there!

Since moving into our new home, I have set a daily goal:
One Psalm
One Proverb
One Project

We all have the every day dishes, laundry, and such, but I am going to try to complete at least one other task each day. Monday was a success as I met my goal of vaccuuming all the baseboards and corners and basically all the floors. After all of our guests earlier this week, there was plenty of dirt tracked in on shoes.

Today's goal was to wash the kitchen cabinet doors really well, but I think that is getting moved to tomorrow. However, I moved a lot of stuff from our old house to this new one and even put away two boxes of stuff. Oh, and hung curtains and grocery shopped and just shopped period! I did not fail. I took a detour!

Oh, this is Puddle Duck and her "I'm up to something as usual" face! She was actually pretending to throw birthday cake at Daddy. Well, she may have been intending to actually do it, but as far as I remember it never happened. And I think I would definitely remember...

Here's hoping for a good night's rest.

Keep it clover!

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