Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh, Nuts!

Okay, so I'm not the best at thinking of witty titles, but I have been harvesting lots of chestnuts and some not-yet-ripe walnuts and pecans. "Harvesting" sounds so much more interesting than just saying that I've been wandering around in the yard with a bucket and a pair of tongs!

If you aren't familiar with chestnuts they have an outer spiky, sharp layer that will often still be attached when the nuts fall from the tree. I never planned on having nut trees, but we were blessed with them when we purchased our home several months ago. As for the pecans and walnuts, I am hoping that they will ripen while I keep them safe from harm (squirrels a.k.a. The Enemy).

My princess is planting some Magnolia seeds. As I wandered in the yard staring at the dirt in search of nuts, I began to notice small red pieces of candy. I thought maybe some neighborhood kids had dropped some cinnamon candy in our yard, but they were so spread out that I became a little concerned and confused. I was relieved when I continued my online research and found a picture of magnolia seeds. Guess it wasn't candy after all!

So, my apologies to all my neighbors who are driving by as I am harvesting, if you know what I mean.

Keep it Clover!

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