Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bathing Beauty

So, What Do You Think? A while back I finally visited a really great flea market in Liberty, SC. I love the atmosphere out there. As I stepped out of the van, I could feel the antiques in the air and the bargains too. These mirrors were such a great find at the perfect time. Our home is great and was a good price, but did not include any mirrors. So, when I saw these two I knew I would like them in our master bath and at $14 for the pair I loaded up my bargains. My husband is 6'5'' so I wanted a tall mirror that would not make hime scrunch down to shave and stuff. I didn't like the cheap looking gold paint finish on these babies, though. So, I bought my very first cans of black spray paint and worked the magic.

Other deals in this room: The porcelain watering can was $2.99 new including bath salts. And I love my thrift store candle holder for 50 cents. Oh, and the clearance candle whose scent makes me smile!

I am thinking of painting the cabinet black. Please give me your opinion. Would I have to paint the side of the bathtub surround black also?

We are thrilled to have a jetted tub that works great on tired muscles. We are trying to live such that we get rid of our credit card debt so we shopped for a house below our means. That is easier said than done. Nicer homes are always alluring.

Thank you to my hubbie for hanging the mirrors and to my mom for buying them for us.

I love you both.

Did you all catch the bit of cuteness in the first pic? I'll give you a hint: orange.

Keep it clover!

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Nicol said...

Love the mirrors! Wish I could find good deals like that. Our flea markets are simply trash or people trying to sell cheap things for way too much!

I think I would paint the cabinet black. It would look really nice. Of course, I have a thing for dark cabinets, furniture, etc.