Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Clover Cottage Name at

How do we choose our Blog Name? It must be easy to remember. Afterall, I have to be able to remember it in the midst of our craziness. Then, it should be cute, right? Oh, and it ought to reflect something about the writer. I chose Clover Cottage since we just purchased our first home (after renting for five years). I was very excited about the mature trees in our yard and just about flipped when we found out that we had fruit and nut trees! Then, nine year old Bekah came over to slave away, I mean, help clean our house before we moved in. She was sweeping the front porch (pictured here) when I heard her shout excitedly. I went to see what was up when she announced that she had just found the biggest clover of her life. Sure enough, there is huge clover growing by our front steps. I felt pretty lucky to have such a great home and great friends who let their kids come clean my house!

So, at clover is defined as being "in clover, enjoying luxury or comfort; wealthy or well-off: They struggled to make their fortune, and now they're in clover."

Our wealth may not be in dollars, but we are rich in God, family, and friends.

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Hooked on Houses said...

I love the name of your blog. And your cottage is adorable! -Julia :-)