Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I am so excited about our garden that Mr. Greg and CarolAnn dug up with a big tiller thing yesterday. The plot is huge! At least it sure seems that way compared to the five plants I had to put in it. Seriously, in one corner I put a cucumber plant and in the opposite (diagonal) corner are two tomato and two sweet pepper plants. It is actually kinda sad to look at. I hadn't really expected such a large space to plant in. So, off I went today to search out some more inexpensive vegetable plant options. (After lunch with the kids, hubbie, and -in-laws, then to the car mechanic and three plant nurseries later...) I found a 4-pack of zucchini, I think, for $1.99 and a 6-pack of sweet peppers for $1.99. Hope they survive!

I am looking at the bright side, if our car doesn't work, I can have a garden to supply the groceries, right? I may be stretching things a bit, but I am very excited with this new hobby. I mean, really, gardening is not very expensive (it helps to have friends with equipment), provides nutrition in the edible stuff, and lots of exercise (my thighs are soo sore!!!). Oh, my favorite, family bonding. My girls have really enjoyed picking grass and weeds from the garden. We actually saw a couple of worms too!

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Clover Cottage said...

Just to be completely honest, my camera is still not working so the photos I posted were actually taken at the beach in Connecticut, but seemed "outdoorsy." I am hoping to take current pictures any day now.